Everyone loves a stick

Do you know that one of the most useful resources we have in the outdoors is the humble stick – it can be a pen, a drumstick, a walking stick, a base for a den. The children this week when they were out and about exploring found lots of sticks and used them to make stick houses for creatures to live in with their families. they found many different ways of building using the sticks. Then they used some more to make a fire to warm the water for their hot chocolate – very important on a snowy day!

They also noticed that even though it was snowing that the daffodils they saw last week had opened and looked so beautiful. They also found a pigeon that had died by the story tree. They discussed what might have happened to him – its always fascinating to support children in these real learning opportunities that outdoors provides for them.


Posted by: jwatts on 2 March 2016 @ 4:31 pm
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