Governor Feedback (CC)

“Governance continues during the coronavirus lockdown. Our Curriculum Committee online meeting on 7th May was very productive and useful. Governors are satisfied the school is doing all that they can to continue a responsive service to the children and families eligible in line with the government guidance during this time. Thank you to the staff for their commitment and enabling this to happen throughout the general school closure and for continuing to work directly with children where this is needed. Governors would like to reassure parents that support around the transition of children into reception from September 2020 continues in conjunction with local primary schools. We are very much looking forward to the next stage after lockdown.”

Curriculum Committee, 7th May 2020

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Poppy and Pumpkin send their love to all the children

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Building a house for our robins

The children loved being outdoors in the beautiful sunshine. They found lots of signs of Spring. They used sticks to make a home for our robins – they added a sofa, TV, kitchen, pans and a roof – all essential items for robins!

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Governor Feedback (H&S)

“2 new members of the governing board were welcomed to the meeting. These governors had the opportunity to walk around the school prior to the meeting to review health and safety. They monitored the measures taken to ensure the building is safe for staff and children in terms of electricity, fire safety and hazards i.e. waterborne disease. They were satisfied knowing regular checks are undertaken.”

Health and Safety Committee, 13th February 2020

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Newsletter – Spring 2 2020

Newsletter Spring 2 2020
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How children learn – working out how to do something

Thinking how to do things
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How children learn – mastering their physical development

Physical development & well being
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How children learn – how to be together

Playing together
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How children learn – making a robot

Making a robot
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How children learn – developing mathematical thinking

Mathematical thinking
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