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September 2020

We would like to thank Aspiring Futures for adding to the welcome and support for parents who have moved into Wolverhampton and are attending Windsor Nursery School.

Aspiring Futures Timetable for September – December 2020

Aspiring Futures Well-being Champion flyer Aspiring Futures Health, Beauty and Employability flyer

January 2020

Thank you to the Sikh Toy Appeal who are supporting the children at Windsor once again with a very welcome donation of toys and mark making resources.

December 2019

Thank you to the Sikh Toy Appeal for their very kind donation of toys for the children and families of Windsor.


October 2019

We would like to thank all the families for their harvest gifts. These are being donated to The Well food bank.

We were delighted to have the dental health unit visit Windsor on 25th October.
They offered drop in appointments for children with parents/carers and were pleased to see 21 children.

September 2019

Quotes offered from current parents:

“As an Asylum seeker family, we are so glad we chose Windsor as we can see the difference. All the staff are very approachable and do their best for the whole family, not only our children. The managing staff at the Windsor understand our matters, as a Refugee, and they are looking after us very thoughtfully. So our children thrived and are having the best time of their life at Windsor nursery, they improved socially and academically. Best nursery ever.”

“Just an email to say I think you all do an amazing job. Windsor nursery in just 12 months has grown so much better (wasn’t even sure that was possible) it’s all about the children and the care and support you give to them is beyond amazing. You make children more confident and explore all sorts of fun stuff and most importantly you make the children feel like a person rather than a child. I often stay back and watch the girls and they just look so happy and content. The outdoors is amazing for the children especially with the new additions Poppy and Pumpkin – my child will come home and speak about them and how she fed them, a great way of showing children responsibility. Never have I ever had one of the girls come home upset with nursery or neither have I ever left the nursery with doubt if they are being looked after and cared for enough.  You all do an amazing job and I’m so glad my children had Windsor nursery at the start of their amazing learning adventure. Will never be able to thank you enough for make this experience so amazing for them.”

July 2019


The Sikh Toy Appeal have very kindly donated a teddy bear to every child to take home after our School of Sanctuary Celebration. We have asked every child to look after their bear and give him/ her a special place of belonging in their home.

The parents and carer of children currently at Windsor told us which flags were important to their identity. These have generated so much discussion between adults and children about the countries important to us.

June 2019


We are delighted to hear from the City of Sanctuary that we have achieved the School of Sanctuary award and look forward to receiving this at our Windsor ‘A special place of belonging’ celebration on 12th July 2019

This means we are actively working to provide a safe and welcoming place for anyone seeking sanctuary.
This could be people whose lives were in danger in their own country, who have troubles at home or are just looking for a space of safety.

Our ambition is to help our children and their families, staff and the community to understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary and to extend a welcome to everyone as equal, valued members of the school community. We celebrate diversity and work gently with our children to help them understand the ideas of welcome, openness, care and respect for others.

This group of 2 year olds have chosen to look at their learning journeys together. They talked about themselves and their families with pride and shared their pictures with one another – valuing diversity at 2 year olds – a joy to see!


Wishing all our children and families happy Eid celebrations today (04/06/19)

April 2019

The Sikh Toy Appeal kindly donated a chocolate Easter Egg for every child and many toys to the nursery and families at the end of spring term 2019.

The dental unit visited on 12th April offering free check ups for children and information to parents – particularly reaching children who are not yet registered with a dentist. 33 children were seen – our thanks to our partners in NHS and Health Promotion for providing this valuable and accessible service.

March 2019

We have put up a map of the world in our reception area – we look forward to the conversations that we can have with the children and families about it.

World Book Day – We have been able to get some Bookstart books in different home languages. The children and parents have been delighted to have them.


February 2019

A new partnership with Aspiring Futures – bringing a range of support and services to all women in our community.

We are delighted to welcome Aspiring Futures to their new base at The Saplings building, next door to Windsor. Courses for ESOL, women’s health and well-being, support to employment and driving theory have started this month. Counselling sessions are also part of the Aspiring Futures offer.

3 mothers, speaking 3 different languages (Lithuanian, Arabic and Kurdish), joined together to attend a well-being class for the first time today! 11/2/2019

November 2018

We celebrated Diwali, where children danced together and shared appreciation of beautiful materials, dress and music.

A book we have found that is thought provoking and inspiring in the run up to Christmas is:-

Anne Booth & Sam Usher (2016) REFUGE Nosy Crow Books – A timely and timeless retelling of the Christmas story inspired by refugee children everywhere.

October 2018

The children, families and staff gathered together to celebrate harvest – we collected boxes of tins  and packets of food for the local food bank

September 2018

We welcomed 2 new baby guinea pigs to our nursery school, and the children learned about nurturing them, keeping them warm and safe and helping them settle in….

Meet Poppy and Pumpkin