Once upon a time ……

The children have been sharing familiar stories and fairy tales this term.

Notice how they have :

  •  Shared the stories
  • Listened to the stories
  • Retold the stories using the props
  •  Used the richness of the outdoors to act the stories out and retell them or make up new versions
  •  Drawn the stories
  • Written about the stories

Experiencing stories through all these different ways really helps the children to ‘feel’ their learning and to make connections in their learning – this makes for really good deep learning.

The adults role has been to notice what children are paying attention to in the stories, what excites them, what intrigues them and to offer a provocation, a resource, time, space and opportunity to extend their learning. See if you can spot the different opportunities that have enabled this.

It is easy to see how motivated, active and creative they are in their learning and this shows the importance of how children learn

Posted by: jwatts on 16 December 2014 @ 4:30 pm
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