Exploring the world beyond nursery

The children went on an adventure down the lane behind nursery. They noticed the frost and how it was magically disappearing where the sun was shining. ‘it sounds crunchy like my breakfast’ one child said

They also found some strange foot prints – what could they be from? the children suggested ‘someone came walking with 2 big feet in the night’, was it Spiderman, an elephant, a lane monster??

One child noticed ‘they have round feet – its a horse’ then when  they saw  the horse they were very excited. later when they found some katkins they stroked them and said they felt like the horse.

They also noticed that some bulbs were sprouting – take a look with your child and see if you can see any signs of Spring around where you live


Posted by: jwatts on 26 February 2016 @ 10:39 am
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