Our recipe for real learning in the outdoors

Recipe for learningin the outdoors Oct 2016

We have carried out a significant amount of research, tried out many theories and applied a great deal of wisdom to try and put in simple terms our recipe for real learning outdoors.

We would want to give credit to the wisdom of Jan White and the many marvellous pioneers who have fought for the rights of children to have high quality nursery education in inspiring us to transform our thinking about playing and learning in the outdoors. Most of all though we thank the children who we are privileged to work with each and every day.

Please feel free to print out our leaflet and take a look at our recipe for yourself. We would love to hear from you if you find our thinking helpful. Its not a secret, it’s not rocket science and doesn’t have copyright on it because we would be delighted if more children receive rich learning opportunities in the outdoors because of it. We have found out something quite amazing – please share it.




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