To have a child
is to be given
the world to hold
in your hands…

and the entire universe
to try fit
inside your heart


Children are cared for in our Acorn room which has been designed to cater for children’s individual requirements, taking into account the need for play, physical activity, relaxation, meals and personal hygiene. We offer experiences and opportunities for children to promote creativity, imagination, physical skills and sensory opportunities.

We encourage children to spend as much time outdoors as indoors, regardless of the weather! Our outdoor environment promotes children’s heath and well being. The centre is fortunate to have beautiful outdoor areas which cater for different age ranges and include a variety of areas for exploration!

The Centre is dedicated to fostering the development of each child. All children will be able to learn and develop through experiences offered to them within the environment. Children are encouraged to follow their own interest and practitioners are expected to support individuals to grow, develop and learn new skills. The Centre offers a wide range of multi-cultural and sensory experiences in order for children to develop physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills. Children are offered opportunities outdoors as well as indoors and each child will be encouraged to explore and enjoy their surroundings, building on their interests and needs.

Windsor operates a Key Person approach, whereby each child is allocated a Key Person upon arrival at the Centre. Key Persons will be responsible for the overall monitoring of key children’s development. It will also be the role of the Key Person to welcome and support your child and liaise with you on a regular basis. Key Persons will give additional time and attention to key children in order to build positive relationships.

Windsor recognise parents as their child’s first and foremost educator. We aim to value, respect and ensure all parents and carers are included and involved in all aspects of their child’s well being, learning and development. We encourage all parents to shape the services on offer at the Centre. There are many ways in which parents can take part in making the Centre a warm, welcoming and stimulating place for children, such as, exchanging knowledge regarding their child’s interests and needs, taking part in events and building relations with other parents at the Centre. Parents are encouraged to share and take part in celebrations and any other events held at the Centre.

For more information about the acorn room for funded two year olds please contact Rena Patel on 01902 558128 or drop in to make an appointment.

Showing your child that there are loved and accepted simply because they exist helps build healthy self esteem, small things often mean te world to a child – a little hug or a word of praise can make a child’s day and help them feel really cherished.