Governor Feedback HSS

 Governors met for the first Health and Safety meeting of 2024 and are pleased to see staff training is well underway.  We are excited about the upcoming Spring clear up and improvements that will be happening in the outdoor areas this season.

15 Hours Free For 2-Year-olds

For eligible working families in England

Now accepting applications for 2-year-olds for April 2024

Make your application on the link below and visit reception with your eligibility code.
It usually takes 20 minutes to apply. You may find out if you’re eligible straight away, but it can take up to 7 days.
Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK

Apply for a code

Once your application has been approved, you’ll get a code for free childcare to give to your childcare provider.

30 Hours Free Childcare Available 2024

Windsor Nursey School now offers full day sessions, 5 days a week, to eligible 30 hours 3-4 year olds working families in England.

When do I apply for the 30 hours childcare?
Apply as soon as possible.
Your child can start in their childcare place the term after they turn 3 years old and have received a valid 30 hours code, whichever is later.
The dates your child can start their additional hours are:
• 1 September
• 1 January
• 1 April

Where do I find out more and apply?
• Call Family Information Service 01582 548888
Check which childcare offer is best for you by using the childcare calculator –
• Go to
• Apply online at
• Call 0300 123 4097 (or 0300 129 9232 for Minicom)
• Log into your childcare account

What happens next?

  1. After you have made your application, you may be asked for more information or you will receive an eligibility code
  2. Once you have the eligibility code, take the code, your national insurance number and your child’s date of birth, to your chosen childcare provider
  3. You can choose for your child to attend more than one childcare provider; however you cannot use more than two sites in one day and you must give the code to both providers and let them know that you
    are using more than one. This will help them better support your child
  4. You and your childcare provider will agree a start date for your child
  5. You will also be required to reconfirm your eligibility with HMRC every three months. If you do not do this, your child may lose their additional 15 hours of childcare. HMRC will send you a reconfirmation
    email or you can log into your childcare account to reconfirm your child’s eligibility

Parent Governor Vacancy

Join our School’s Governing Board – Become a Parent Governor!
What is the Governing Board?
The Governing Board is a group of unpaid volunteers who support the Headteacher in running the School. We meet regularly to discuss children’s progress and results, acting as “critical friends” to the Headteacher, in order to improve the School’s performance. This means that we challenge the Headteacher by asking important questions about what the School is doing to help pupils achieve their full potential. We help the Headteacher manage the School’s budget, by ensuring that money is spent on improving outcomes for our pupils.

What Does a Parent Governor Do?

As a Parent Governor you will be able to give us the point of view of parents. Being a Parent Governor does not mean that you get involved in other parental disputes/complaints towards the School, although as Parent Governor you can advise them on how to follow the School’s Complaints Procedure. Being a Parent Governor means allowing the voice of parents to be heard, without feeling like you must vote on a decision based on their views. You must put forward your own opinion on a decision to be made by the Governing Board.

As Parent Governor, you will be expected to:

• Make yourself known to other parents
• Attend short training sessions paid for by the School
• Listen to concerns and point them in the direction of the School’s Complaints Procedure
• Support us in improving the education of all our pupils (i.e. not just your child(ren))
• Play an active part in Governor meetings
• Be enthusiastic about our School and the education of all our pupils
Do I have the time to spare?

When you join our Governing Board, we will ask you if you want to be a member on any of our Committees. If you do, this will mean further time spent in meetings.

• Gaining an insight into how the School is managed
• Developing your knowledge of finance
• A sense of satisfaction through knowing children will benefit from your efforts
• The opportunity to develop new skills and to strengthen existing ones
• The opportunity to work with new people from different backgrounds
• The opportunity to gain awareness of the education system

Attending courses allows you to meet like-minded people, enhance your knowledge of important issues for schools, and ultimately allows you to feel more confident in your role.
And Finally… It is normal for you to feel unsure or nervous about applying. Once you have attended your first meeting, you will see that our Governors are a friendly group of people who simply have our pupils’ best interests at heart.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call on 01902 558128

Governor Feedback Health and Safety

19th October 2023
The last Government meeting for H & S 2023.
Attending members are happy with all aspects of training, records and action plans regarding the health and safety of the environment provided for the children and the staff.

Governor Feedback Curriculum

08th November 2023
The Schools Improvement plan has been updated and shared by the Head Teacher. Governors are optimistic to continue the exciting journey to engage families at Windsor including upcoming winter festivities, electronic services for parents and visiting the centre in the upcoming weeks.

Governor Feedback (FGB) July 2023

With a positive end to the financial year, Governors have been able to focus discussion on the bright path ahead to support all the staff, children and families with new team dynamics and Early Years Teacher joining us in September. Empowering the team to offer parents knowledge on how attending nursery greatly improves children’s future educational success.

Staff Leaving Windsor

Dear Parents and carers, 

Following a staffing restructure within the school, we are sad to be losing Lynn, Dal and Rachel who will be leaving the school at the end of the summer term. They will all be pursuing new and exciting careers and as a school we want to wish them the best of luck in their new positions. Their last day with the children will be Friday 21st July and we hope you will join us in celebrating their considerable number of years working with the Windsor community and to give them your personal good wishes. 

Governor Feedback (FGB)

“Governors discussed the current financial predicament facing Windsor, exploring the pathways we are currently undertaking to ensure that Windsor can continue to serve our children and the community”

FGB meeting 28th March 2023

Food Banks and Community Shops

For anyone needing extra support, please follow the link below to access an up-to-date list of Food Banks available across Wolverhampton.

Food banks and soup kitchens | City Of Wolverhampton Council

A number of Community Shops have also been launched across the City. Customers pay an initial membership fee of £5 and are able to visit the shop as many times as they wish to buy a range of products, including fresh and tinned foods, at a discounted price.

Please see the list of current venues:

Governor Feedback (CC)

“When visiting the nursery I was delighted to see how friendly and outgoing the children are. The centre is very well equipped to meet the needs of all children, particularly those with SEND. The children were eager to approach and speak to the headteacher, and staff. Seeing first hand, the exciting outdoor areas and the equipment being so well used by the children made this a very worthwhile experience.”

Governor visit (Curriculum Committee) completed on 5th May 2022

Governor Feedback (HSS)

“Governors met to discuss the annual health and safety / safeguarding reports and are very happy with the results and feedback.” 

Health and Safety and Safeguarding Committee, 19th October 2022

Governor Feedback (FGP)

“Governors met to discuss the school’s finance. We feel it is very important to ensure Windsor can continue to provide the same level of services for children and families as they have done in the past whilst navigating through a challenging financial period.”

Finance and General Purposes Committee, 27th September 2022

Useful websites and links

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have included some links below which we thought might be helpful to you.

You may also wish to refer to our Windsor Nursery website which has a tab at the top called ‘Links’. This contains further useful links for parents. for listening to stories (eg. to share a story we have been reading at Nursery, type ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ into search, then scroll down to ‘watch the story’) for offers to eat out over the summer including supermarket cafes for summer activities for activity ideas to support language for different age ranges for activity ideas at home

Food banks and soup kitchens | City Of Wolverhampton Council

Governor Feedback (FGB)

“This session was largely dealing with the end of the financial year, making sure the school is compliant and planning for the next academic year. Governors look forward to meeting the new children in September. Thank you to all staff for their hard work throughout the year and for ensuring Windsor is a happy and safe place for children.”

Full Governing Board, 7th July 2022

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