Windsor Nursery School has an inclusive provision base for up to 20 part time children. Children in their Nursery school year can access 15 hours (5 PT days-Morning or Afternoon) and Children in Reception or Year 1 with a summer born deferral can access 30 hours (5 FT days). All children who attend our provision have an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan), or are on the pathway to receiving one, and are placed with us by the Local Authority Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review team.

Our Inclusive provision incorporates individual child centred learning packages which consider the specific needs of our children. Our aim is to enable pupils to fulfil their potential and where appropriate to access part or all the curriculum, within the mainstream school. To support this, we promote strong relationships and effective communication with parents.

Please note-

Admissions to our Inclusive provision are entirely separate from places in our main school and can only be allocated through SENSTART/ Wolverhampton City Council.

We recognise that each child is an individual and it is our aim to equip each child with skills and strategies to enable them to access, enjoy and succeed in school, reaching their full potential.  We promote inclusion across school life at Windsor, with children accessing a variety of learning and social activities alongside their mainstream peers, when appropriate.

We follow the Early Years Foundation stage Curriculum, which is appropriately scaffolded and personalised, tailored to meet each child’s individual needs. The bases timetable is weighted to address the social, communication and sensory needs of the pupils. Holistic and developmental achievement has as much significance as academic progress and is celebrated with the same enthusiasm.

Within the inclusive provision the environment and teaching approaches are adapted to incorporate thinking from a range of sources. Children have access to low arousal spaces, calm corners and social areas. When establishing the classroom environment and groupings, the pupils individual sensory, learning, social and emotional needs are taken into account.  Teaching approaches that are used within the base are based upon a structured teaching approach and incorporate a range of visual support strategies.

We endeavour to provide our children with as broad and balanced an education as possible.  Our children have regular opportunities to take part in outdoor education activities. We continue to work closely with a range of outside professionals to update our knowledge and understanding of specialist areas including Special Needs In Early Years Service, Behaviour Support Service, Communication and Autism , Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Pupil and School Support Service.

Children and their families play an important role in what we do in school. We work closely with children and parents to obtain their thoughts, feelings and opinions on a daily basis. There is regular home school communication and collaboration through a variety of means and this continues to have a significant impact upon the children in our school.