Learning through movement

First the children explored moving themselves in the rockers  – which was great fun and perfect for developing their vestibular sense for balance, great for developing relationships with another child through shared laughter and joy……


…then when you have really found out what it feels like to move yourself its the perfect time to try out moving other things – how clever to know the best way round to put the cars so that they roll too. Its amazing how children learn!

This is true embodied learning


Mud, mud glorious mud

The children have played extensively in the mud kitchen this term. From our newest 2 year olds to our oldest 4 year olds there is always a learning opportunity.


  • how the children use utensils to fill up the containers
  • how they combine the soil and mud and other natural resources
  • how they find ways of getting water – many have mastered turning the tap
  • the fascination in watching the water run
  • the strength they need in their shoulders and hands
  • the joy and pleasure they experience

Mud play offers so much more than an indoor home corner!!


Newsletter – Autumn 2 2018

Autmn 2 parents letter 2018

Learning in the Outdoors

The children are demonstrating and developing many skills and competencies.

Take a look at how the outdoors encourages them to look intently.

Nature provides real beauty to captivate.

Look at how they concentrate

Look at how they use their whole bodies while they are playing and learning

Look at the joy they experience in nature

Want to know more about the body’s GPS system ? (proprioception)


Exploring mini beasts and tree climbing – its what the outdoors is for

Exploring Outdoors

The Pyramid of Learning

Are you interested to find out how having secure sensory building blocks in place leads to competent, capable, deep thinking learners? Take a look at the pyramid. Start at the bottom and work up.

Think of your child – do they have gaps in their sensory development? If so movement is most likely to be the key to filling the gaps in the foundations

Pyramid – Sept 2018

Want to know about the Sense of Movement and Skill of Balance

Vestibular development Sept 2018 leaflet

September Newsletter

Autumn 1 newsletter 2018
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