Important Dates – for end of term

We know that there are a few different things happening

The beauty of nature

The children have enjoyed looking at the flowers and trees around and about at nursery. They captured how they felt in some paintings. While they were sitting so still some birds landed close by. They commando crawled to get a closer look at them – nature provides such rich learning opportunities.

Nature Crowns

The children were exploring today finding their favourite things in nature. The gathered some of them and attached them to their crowns. A lovely way to take a closer look at the beautiful things we can find in nature.

Early Childhood at its best

The rain makes our learning richer

Nature provides the richest learning experiences

Summer Term Newsletter – Acorn Terrific for 2’s

Summer 1 newsletter 2019 Acorn Terrific for 2’s

Summer Term Newsletter – Oak 3-4’s

Summer 1 newsletter 2019

Bare foot Play

The weather has been beautiful and the children have taken their wellies off to explore the garden. Being able to feel with your feet stimulate the senses and helps children develop their sense of balance and proprioception. There is nothing better than having your toes in the sand and  then adding water – just like being on the beach.


Caring for our guinea pigs

The children love our guinea pigs – Pumpkin and Poppy and are learning so much about how to care for them, what keeps them clean and healthy, how to make sure they are happy. This really helps develop their understanding about what we need to do to look after and care for someone special.

The children love handling them

Sharon and the children have found out that they like grass and daisies. The children have been over to forest school to collect grass to feed them.

Look at the joy on the children’s faces



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