Rhymes to share with your child

April 2021

Governor Feedback (CC)

“Governors would like to commend the team for continuing to succeed in providing a fulfilled and safe provision for the children under the current difficult circumstances.”

29th April 2021

Governor Feedback (F&GP)

“Governors were impressed with the collation of information for services next year despite the current challenge of the pandemic. Further investigations would be made with the Local Authority regarding some areas of expenditure. Governors were impressed with the professionalism from staff during this pandemic and their continued commitment to prioritising education for the children.”

Finance and General Purposes Committee, 4th March 2021

Governor Feedback (H&S)

“Governors continue to monitor the usual health and safety measures as well as the measures put in place for Covid-19. Governors are constantly reassured that the staff team are doing their very best to keep everyone safe and that they are responsive to constantly changing guidance and circumstances.”

Health and Safety Committee, 11th February 2021

Governor Feedback (CC)

“Governors recognise how much is being offered to children at this time and wanted to highlight the comprehensive SEND work undertaken by the school. Governors are pleased to see how Windsor Nursery continues to support the development of children and families despite the substantial obstacles of COVID-19. We also acknowledge the extra work involved with regards to the logistics of offering provision to children, as well as how well staff are doing to ensure high standards are maintained given the current situation. Governors have every confidence in the Headteacher to make dynamic decisions on those occasions where it is necessary to do so quickly so as to ensure the continuity of the work at Windsor and the safety of the children, staff and the community.”

Curriculum Committee, 21st January 2021

Making feeders for the birds …. or squirrels!!

Making our own Christmas cards

Decorating the trees in the garden

Governor Feedback (F&GP)

“Governors continue to monitor the current challenges to financial sustainability, while our fantastic team at Windsor are also juggling the pressures of the pandemic and still providing the best environment to support and challenge your little ones. We hope everyone has a very merry Christmas holidays, and look forward to a healthy and happy new year for everyone.”

Finance and General Purposes Committee, 10th December 2020

Using our bodies

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