Rhymes to share – Spring 2020

Spring 2020

Spring Term 1 Newsletter

Spring term 1 newsletter 2020

Governor Feedback

“At our second finance meeting since September we were very happy to welcome our 2 new board members. We showed them how we work and how we check that the money is being spent as efficiently as possible to make sure the education for your children is at the highest possible standard.”

F&GP Committee, 12th December 2019

Governor Feedback

“We welcomed a new parent governor today. It is always important to gain new insights and new opinion to ensure Windsor continues to provide care and learning for our children and their families.”

Full Governing Board, 20th November 2019

Governor Feedback

“The health and safety walk around Windsor is always interesting and a learning curve for governors! We are always so reassured when looking through the reporting and actions taken to keep the children and adults safe in such a wide variety of circumstances. We had lots of work done on the building over the summer in order to be the best learning environment for the upcoming academic year.”

Health and Safety Committee, 10th October 2019

Governor Feedback

“Governors attended the first Finance and General Purposes Committee of the 2019/20 academic year. We discussed all financial factors around the running of Windsor Nursery School. Without adequate funding the quality of education at Windsor cannot be maintained indefinitely”.

F&GP Committee, 26th September 2019

Governor Feedback

“We had our first meeting of the year on Thursday and it was great to see the team again, but even better to hear about the exciting year ahead for Windsor. With so many new little ones at the school, Claire and the team are busy getting to know each and every one so that they can make sure they know just the right thing to help them get off to a flying start in education! The governors will be keeping an eye on this throughout the year, and keeping you updated as well, to make sure that everything is moving in the right direction, and your children are thriving and happy.”

Curriculum Committee, 12th September 2019

Governor Feedback

“Governors today discussed the excellent progress that has been made by the children in all year groups throughout this year. It was satisfying to see the advancement of all our children of varying abilities.”

Chair of Governors, 26th June 2019


If anyone has any board books or early picture books that they no longer need in good condition please pop them into Windsor. Peppa Pig  is a particular favourite of many children



Planting wild flowers

The children have been planting wild flowers to encourage bees and other insects to visit Windsor.

Our friendly robin came to visit the cabin – one child pointed out ‘the robin have no hair!

The children noticed how many leaves had fallen and   picked them up and tried to put them back on.

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