Bare foot Play

The weather has been beautiful and the children have taken their wellies off to explore the garden. Being able to feel with your feet stimulate the senses and helps children develop their sense of balance and proprioception. There is nothing better than having your toes in the sand and  then adding water – just like being on the beach.


Caring for our guinea pigs

The children love our guinea pigs – Pumpkin and Poppy and are learning so much about how to care for them, what keeps them clean and healthy, how to make sure they are happy. This really helps develop their understanding about what we need to do to look after and care for someone special.

The children love handling them

Sharon and the children have found out that they like grass and daisies. The children have been over to forest school to collect grass to feed them.

Look at the joy on the children’s faces



Exploring outside nursery garden

The children are loving exploring – looking for signs of spring and enjoying splashing in puddles. This really helps develop their love & respect of the world around them

Then the children used secateurs to trim some branches so they could make walking sticks – which they then decorated

How many ways can you move?

The environment outdoors at Windsor provides the ideal place to explore movement – whether that is moving yourself or moving objects. It also provides rich opportunities for the children to help each other to achieve the ‘I can do it’ moments

Ice Investigation

Finding ice in the garden motivated the children to explore how ice is made and how it can be changed – it just had to be felt, tasted and explored. Interestingly the children were keen to see how it changed when it was held under running cold water and amazed as it melted in two

Mixing and Making

The children have been very busy in the mud kitchen – take a look at how they mix, stir, combine, work together, use their imagination, share and laugh!

Mud play is full of rich, real opportunities that are essential for young children’s physical, social, emotional and communication development


Windy Day at Windsor

The children loved being out in the wind – they used sticks to make kites – but found out the sticks made them too heavy to fly so they took the sticks out and the kites flew!

They also collected sticks for the fire – they measured them against their fingers to make sure they were the right size to make the fire.

New Group of Explorers

The latest outdoor explorer group went out for their first session. The children loved being out and about enjoying the rain. Take a look at the photos

Out and About

The children have been out and about this week. They went on a long walk down the lane noticing the changes that are happening as we move into spring – at last the daffodils we have been watching are flowering

Newsletter – Spring 2 2019

Newsletter Spring 2 2019
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