Noticing the development of writing skills

We have been noticing how the children are demonstrating their growing ability to mark make in a range of media. This ability shows that the children have had rich physical experiences which have built their motor control and visual skills – alongside with a desire to represent what they see to share with others.

Circles and lines are appearing – which we know are the foundations of most of the letter shapes. They also enable the children to draw recognisable pictures – look for the spiders, sun and people. Its a fabulous privilege to be part of this journey with the children.





Autumn Term 2 Newsletter & important dates

Autumn 2 parents letter 2017

Leaves in abundance

We have so many different trees around enabling us to find lots of different leaves that are falling. These provide lots of mathematical conversations – ‘its as big as my head’, ‘the leaves are up high’, I’m higher than that.

The children used some leaves to make pots out of clay – take a look


Outdoor adventures on a frosty day

Take a look at how the weather enables children’s learning – come rain, sun, snow or frost all weather provides a rich learning environment.


Beyond the back gate

The children have been noticing how the weather is changing things outside. They then went to visit our farm up the lane. It’s amazing what you find in Parkfields


Collecting Sticks

The children were back out exploring today – they went out to collect sticks so they could have a real fire. Their faces show how much they enjoyed their time. It was great to enjoy the autumn weather together. We found some spiders and beetles too. they were hiding amongst the leaves that had fallen from the trees.



Newletter Autumn 2017

Welcome letter – September 2017

Outdoor Adventurers get going

The children went out to forest school today for the first time. They got dressed up in their outdoor gear and went to explore the Windsor Woods. Then they went out through the  big gate beyond the nursery grounds – there they went running and climbing trees. They noticed lots of the ground had been dug up. They didn’t know who had done it. Sharon explained it was probably a badger looking for worms and bugs to eat. The children asked to see the badger but they looked &  looked and couldn’t see it or hear it anywhere. Sharon supported the children to find pictures of badgers on the computer so they knew what they looked like.

After all that fun they went back to the cabin for hot chocolate. they really enjoyed their first session and can’t wait to go again


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have had some tiny caterpillars – we looked after them and look what happened to them


Exploring nature

A summer day – raining again but that doesn’t stop the children of Windsor exploring. take a look at them making their nature windows


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