The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have had some tiny caterpillars – we looked after them and look what happened to them


Exploring nature

A summer day – raining again but that doesn’t stop the children of Windsor exploring. take a look at them making their nature windows


Forest School – 2′s – week 4

Forest School – 2′s – week 3

Out and about

Off on our adventures – the children have been down the lane today to see Bluie the horse and Paxo the turkey. They loved running in the field and noticing the different grasses and flowers.

Phew – it was really hot!


Making Wolfie

We have been taking part in WOLVES in WOLVES – a city – wide art extravaganza of 30 highly decoratively designed Wolves sculptures. These will be on display in venues and on the streets of Wolverhampton from July until September 2017.

The wolf we have decorated will be in Wolverhampton Art Gallery. It is very special and has been decorated using materials that reflect Windsor.

Take a look at the wolf being created – with leaves, flowers, mini-paintings of mini beasts, flowers, sticks and plants, black poplar and herbs from our garden.

Notice how carefully the children are working on the project – it is stunning.

Special thanks for Sharon for overseeing its development!


Sensory experiences

The children have been barefoot in forest school this week – this has given them chance to really practice their balance and to feel what different textures feel like. They looked for spiders and butterflies.


The latest group of outdoor explorers

The children had their first session in forest school – they thought about keeping safe, listened to the different sounds they could hear and noticed how the wind blew the trees


2′s Forest School – sticks and muddy hands!

2′s Forest School – explore and wonder!

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