Spring Term Newsletter

January newsletter 2018 – oak

The First Snow of the Year

What a fabulous time the children had exploring the snow on Friday. For many of our children this is the first time they can remember seeing snow!


Making Christmas holly wreaths – so Santa can find our homes

The children wrapped up warm as it was very cold outdoors – you can see from the photo’s! Then they went tree climbing then back to the cabin to make their wreaths. They finished the session with HOT CHOCOLATE AND TOASTED CHEESE SANDWICHES!!!!

Trees offer so much learning

Real learning enables the children to master maths concepts – Take a look at the impact on learning that adding some heavy blocks has

The joy of movement

The children are demonstrating the different ways that they are training their sense of balance and proprioception through movement


The benefits of climbing trees

The children at Windsor love climbing trees. We know that they are learning so much through this experience. take a look at the photos and see if you can spot ……

  • how children are solving problems,
  • how they are building their social skills
  • how they are developing their physical competence
  • how their well-being, self esteem and confidence is growing so this lowers their stress
  • how their concentration is growing
  • how much they are learning about nature

Rhymes for you to share

Rhymes Aut 2 2017

Noticing the development of writing skills

We have been noticing how the children are demonstrating their growing ability to mark make in a range of media. This ability shows that the children have had rich physical experiences which have built their motor control and visual skills – alongside with a desire to represent what they see to share with others.

Circles and lines are appearing – which we know are the foundations of most of the letter shapes. They also enable the children to draw recognisable pictures – look for the spiders, sun and people. Its a fabulous privilege to be part of this journey with the children.


Autumn Term 2 Newsletter & important dates

Autumn 2 parents letter 2017
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