Who are Windsor’s Governors?

We are volunteers from a range of backgrounds. We are all extremely passionate about the vital education and care we provide to Windsor’s children. Some of us are parents of children at the school and elected to the board by you. The rest of us are appointed to the board for our skills, which collectively contribute to the Governance of Windsor and the support of the leaders and staff.

The constitution of the full Governing Board includes two parent governors, four co-opted governors and one local authority governor. The Headteacher and a member of the staff team are also represented.


What do Windsor’s Governors do?

School Governors have three main things to do:

  1. Make sure the School maintains the spirit and direction that we have set to give your children the best care and education possible.
  2. Make sure the funds are appropriately allocated where they will most benefit the children and their care and education.
  3. Make sure the Headteacher is supported and sufficiently challenged to ensure that your children receive the best care and education.

We meet every term as a board and go through a regular agenda which allows us to monitor the standards at the school thoroughly. We also meet in smaller committee groups regularly for a greater in-depth look at issues.

For instance, in the Curriculum Committee we are shown more detailed assessment data for each class, which we then compare with previous levels, to make sure that all children are progressing. This data is also reviewed at the Full Governing Board meeting, but under less scrutiny, as the committee have already checked it.

What is the ethos that Governors set for the school?

Windsor Nursery School’s ethos is based on the fact that children learn through play. We are passionate about giving children the opportunity to play and experience the excitement and challenge of learning, especially in the outdoors.

We appreciate that every child is unique and that each child is a competent learner. We aim to provide the resources and support necessary to create a bespoke educational experience for each child, and recognise that happiness and fun are a vital part of this.

Our community has a wonderfully rich range of cultures, languages and experiences. Windsor belongs to its community and is a celebration of it. We have become a School of Sanctuary to reflect this.

We know each child needs a caring and nurturing environment to help them to fully realise their potential. We can give each child the time, space, care and resources to ensure that they can gain a sense of freedom to play and learn from their play. Through play, we can bring out the inquisitive and explorer nature inherent in our children.

You can read our full vision and values on the ‘About Windsor’ tab.

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