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The role of the School Governor

Governors provide their time to help the school on a voluntary  basis and come from a range of different backgrounds. There are a variety of different roles within the governing board but ultimately it involves working with the head teacher and senior leaders to make sure that the pupils at the school receive the best possible education.

Governors are a mixture of elected and appointed individuals. the constitution of the Governing Board is two parent governors, who are elected by parents at the school. There are 4 co-opted governors which are elected by the Governing Board and one local authority governor. The Headteacher, a teacher and one other non-teaching member of staff are also represented.

The governor’s aim is to work towards a vision that the children at the school will get the best possible education, that they will be happy and safe and enjoy their time at school. They will support the head teacher and the dedicated team of staff, but will also challenge rigorously where necessary to ensure that we deliver our objectives

The governing board has a strategic role and sets policy, whereas the head teacher has an operational role and is responsible for delivery of the policies that are agreed. Governor’s decisions are made following informed discussion, whereas the head teacher uses professional judgement.

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