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Forest School gets up and running

The new group of outside explorers started this week. The children got wrapped up for the weather with their high visibility jackets. Getting themselves dressed is a very important skill.

They then played the game of coming back to the whistle. Out in the big field they loved the freedom of the space. They found flowers and buds and had a climb on the climbing tree. They are all looking forward to next week when it is rumoured that when they go back to camp they shall have some hot chocolate warmed up in the Kelly kettle over the fire!!


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The magic of frost and cold

Being cold doesn’t stop the children being outdoors at winter. We all wrap up warm because the weather gives us magic learning opportunities. The children here had discovered ice in different areas of the garden and they spent their time collecting it all together and then they said they needed to find a shady place to keep it so it didn’t turn back to water – science at its best!


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We consider it vital at Windsor to support children’s development of the characteristics of learning – these characteristics are essential if children are going to be flexible, creative thinkers in life

Playing and exploring by engaging in their own learning they want to find out & explore for themselves, they want to play with what they already know and so learn more and be what we like to describe as ‘have a go’ learners

Active learning through being motivated in their own chosen play they quickly become involved and so concentrate for longer periods of time, the children will then keep on trying when something is hard or unknown and will then experience that lovely feeling  of joy and achievement that is possible when they have worked out some new learning for themselves

Creating and thinking critically by having their own unique ideas, testing out what they do know and then choosing their own way of doing things to find out something new they learn that adaptability is essential and that learning is not fixed and that we are all always deepening, developing and adapting our learning and thinking …. however old we get!

Take a look at the photographs again and see if you can spot the characteristics of learning developing in the children




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