Tree Planting

We have some baby trees – called saplingsĀ donated by The Forest of Mercia. As the weather was warmer we have planted them today.

We noticed that the wind had blown down quite a few sticks from the trees so we carried them very carefully – by dragging them behind us back to camp. We used them to make a fire so we could warm some milk for hot chocolate.

We noticed on the way that our bird feeders were empty – the birds must have been very hungry indeed!


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Climbing the trees and feeding the birds

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Latest Rhymes to share

Spring 19
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Embracing the weather

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Newsletter – Spring Term 1 2019

Jan 2019 newsletter
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Going on an Adventure

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Collecting sticks on a wet and windy day

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We welcome our new neighbours ASPIRING FUTURES into the Saplings Building. This organisation aims to support women to ‘aspire for better’ through the provision of a range of holistic services that will enhance quality of life, increase economic and career prospects and increase health and well-being.

Their website address is why not check it out.

Services will commence in January 2019

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Why Play Really Matters

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Leaf man

The children shared this fabulous story about a leaf man who is blown on his adventures – they made their own leaf men. I wonder what adventures they have blown away to???

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