Nursery Places Available for September

If your child is 3 years old by the end of August 2018 come along and visit us. We offer a morning session 8.30-11.30am and an afternoon session 12.30-3.30pm.

As you will see from our website we love the outdoors and celebrate how playing in the outdoors  allows children to have the richest, real opportunities leading to the highest levels of learning.


Want to know more? Give us a ring or pop in.

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Heavy Work

This week the children have been doing lots of activities that help support their sensory development.

They have been rolling down the hill – that helps develop their sense of balance (posh name is vestibular development) an essential sense that so much of our physical competences sit upon.

They have been climbing trees and using mallets – this we call heavy work. This helps develop their sense of proprioception – where their bodies are in space – again another vital sense we all need. Heavy work trains our brains to know where our body parts are.  Think how important that is for learning and life.

They have also continued their fascination with bug hunting – we are hatching butterflies at the moment too – look out for the photos coming soon

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Our ducklings grew very big

We have loved having our ducklings – as you can see!

They have grown very big so Sharon has taken them back to live at Northicote farm.

Watch out for what we are caring for next!

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Do Trees Have Faces?

The children were amazed how tall the grass is. They saw a lot of butterflies and birds and loved climbing

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Outdoor Explorers

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We found ladybird eggs on the tree

We couldn’t believe it when one of the children noticed the little yellow eggs. We didn’t know what had laid them there – then a ladybird appeared (maybe to check on them).

We needed to get the magnifying glasses to have a closer look!

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Beautiful flowers

The children loved noticing how the flowers are  growing and changing. It was such a beautiful day.

Notice how the children are gaining confidence in their physical skills too.

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out and about around Windsor

The children loved the wind and the freedom today – running and chasing each other. They found ladybirds and caterpillars in the hazel bushes.

The buttercups had grown too – ‘hundreds and hundreds they are grown long’ said one chu

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Wow – our eggs have hatched

Check out the video clip by clicking on the heading below to see one hatching – share the magic with the children

Duck Hatching 2018



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Leaves, leaves all around

The children really noticed the changes that are taking place outdoors – flowers that are appearing and changing. They collected sticks for the campfire and had their first hot chocolate

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