Collecting sticks

The children love sticks – this week they have collected some to use to make bug houses. They had to find sticks that were the same length as their fingers. They also went back to the sunflower head. Lots of the seeds have been eaten. Look who was there when the children arrived!

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Beyond Windsor – look what we found

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Nature is absolutely fascinating

Look how interested the children are in the wonder of nature – outdoors provides the richest real learning environment

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Visitors are always amazed at the outdoors at Windsor – we describe it as the best kept secret in Parkfields.

Here are just a few photographs to  give you a little glimpse into why children love the outdoors so much and how much learning happens day in day out …..  naturally!

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Newsletter – Autumn 1 2019

Autumn 1 newsletter 2019
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Important Dates – for end of term

We know that there are a few different things happening
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The beauty of nature

The children have enjoyed looking at the flowers and trees around and about at nursery. They captured how they felt in some paintings. While they were sitting so still some birds landed close by. They commando crawled to get a closer look at them – nature provides such rich learning opportunities.

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Nature Crowns

The children were exploring today finding their favourite things in nature. The gathered some of them and attached them to their crowns. A lovely way to take a closer look at the beautiful things we can find in nature.

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Early Childhood at its best

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The rain makes our learning richer

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